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Globe Chandeliers : Classic vs Modern.

The traditional chandeliers are lighting characteristics very well defined.

The traditional globe chandeliers is an obvious contrast to the modern chandeliers, differing from this style, materials and colors. The chandeliers, lamps as well as classical, are often made with several components, which, together they create a distinctive style.

One of the materials that are often used in the manufacture of these products is brass, a alloy of copper and zinc, with good resistance and characterized by a particular tone color

yellow-gold, which integrates well in the usual tone of this kind of lighting. Also very popular wrought iron, which is used to create the foundations on which to apply the speakers.

Another example of a material often used to create the speakers is the excavation glass, inspired by design of ancient peoples, to restore feeling and charm of yesteryear.
Used also borosilicate glass, more commonly known as Pyrex. Its characteristics are transparency combined with great strength. Other materials often used for the speakers are blown glass and glass aged.

The style of traditional chandeliers is not linear, but is full of decorations with custom lighting. And ‘the presence of traditional twigs, floral, leaves, but also to abstract locks, threads, waves of different length, shape and color. This richly detailed style is accompanied by a mixture of colors typical encounter time. White, amber, gold, copper and rust are among the colors found with some frequency in the catalog of traditional chandeliers, traditional furniture and even glass bongs.

They are often used in combination with each other, accompanying such color Brass base with shades of amber glass diffuser and finishes in shades of copper or rust.
The shades are always like, played on warm and soft. Are never

used too bright, vivid colors and strong contrasts are abolished in favor of more combinations harmonious and delicate, full of the flavor of another era.

The traditional globe chandeliers fixtures are the perfect match to the houses decorated with classic furniture and antiques, and are perfect when placed in environments that have the same shades of color.
The traditional lamps by their very nature not the center of attention in the room, but integrate rather well with all the furniture and various home accessories, creating a harmonious blend of style and elegance.

There are several companies that produce beautiful lamps and traditional lamps, with great attention to detail and the essential quality. The models proposed are many and you can choose between classic floor lamps, table

Ceiling, wall and ceiling, to furnish any space while keeping intact throughout the home thread of the same classic style. Check more design in Dutton Brown in website:


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The chandeliers are defined by Dutton Brown the top maker in US as such because of their peculiarities to fall from the ceiling. The chandelier fell from the ceiling is usually carried out by steel cables or by means of a rigid arm that can be fixed or telescopic.

A chandelier can be installed in all places where there is a need to place the distant light from the ceiling, for example over a dining table, living room or on a worktop.

The installation of lighting is also very useful when we are in presence of high ceilings, not only for the possibility of reducing the slope of the light than the lower part of the room, thus optimizing the light output, but also to proportion to the rest of the suspension.

The chandeliers are made in many styles and shapes, just to increase the versatility of installation of furniture in a variety of contexts. The chandeliers are 4 main styles: modern, ultra-modern, classic and rustic.

Here are some examples concerning the four main styles of chandeliers, but if you want to see all our proposals for lamps for sale sign in to our online catalog. Check out more!